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Latest update March 24, 2023


TarGard (USA)

Party Pieces

With all the emphasis that has been placed over the last decade on less harmful smoking, many cigarette smokers use filter cigarette holders to achieve this. Cleaner smoke also means less staining of teeth and fingers, and cleaner hair, eyes and skin. The filter systems may be replaceable, permanent or disposable.

crystal filter systems

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Denicotea has 75 years experience in producing silica gel crystal filters to absorb and reduce the tars and nicotine in the smoke. The usage for each filter is 15 to 20 cigarettes, depending on the tar and nicotine rating of the cigarette smoked. The used filter is easy to remove. Before replacing it, it is advisable to run a thin pipe cleaner through both parts of the holder. Occasionally wash thoroughly.

for up to date stock availability and prices


for up to date stock availability and prices


Disposable DENITIP with tar

For Parties

DeniTip Singles For Parties

Disposable with tar and nicotine reducing crystals. Singles in assorted party colours*

*Assorted party colours

Assorted party colours
Purple Violet Olive Green Gold Blue

Specially for slim cigarettes
(Easy to adapt for normal cigarettes)

76-DNTipCol1 R14.20 Buy Now
and nicotine reducing crystals.
Packet of 6

Not just a plastic tip - but a neat black holder
with the crystals built in - an integrated filter system.

76-DNTIP R59.50 Buy Now

Denicotea Holder: Regular or Slim cigarettes ~ 6mm filter ~ Boxed

Denicotea Goldtone Holder: Regular or Slim cigarettesUses Denicotea 6mm crystal filters
or Dunhill 6mm crystal filters

10 x 6mm Crystal Filters included

Goldtone 76-DNSlimG R860.00 Buy Now



Denicotea Short Ejector Cigarette HoldersSHORT EJECTOR HOLDERS

Black 76-DNEJBL R395.00 Buy Now
Goldtone 76-DNEJGSh R395.00 Buy Now



Denicotea Cigarette Holder: Goldtone with 10 disposable crystal filters in plastic caseCigarette Holders in plastic box ~ Include 10 crystal filters

Denicotea Cigarette Holders


Black 76-DNPLBL R180.00 Buy Now
Goldtone.76-DNPLG R180.00 Buy Now
Silvertone 76-DNPLSL R180.00 Buy Now



Denicotea Cigarette Holder Black


Black (unboxed)
76-DNBL/1.R72.50 Buy Now


FROM GERMANY:The original Denicotea filter with silica gel crystals


9mm: 58-FilDen9 Pack of 10 R57.50 Buy Now

4.	The original Denicotea filters with silica gel crystals 6mm Pack of 10



6mm: 58-FilDen6 Pack of 10 R61 00 Buy Now

Also suitable for Dunhill Crystal Cigarette Holders





See also Denicool Silica Gel crystals for pipes

US Original TarGard - the permanent filter cigarette holder

The Scientific Principle:
Tar Gard is an important patented breakthrough in protective smoking and works on the Venturi principle. The smoke is drawn through a pinpoint opening and accelerated to a speed of approximately 320 kilometres per hour (200mph). The smoke then crashes against an impingement barrier that traps tars and nicotine. With virtually unchanged taste, the cleaned smoke circulates around the carrier and through the mouthpiece.

How it works
- the science behind the system

· Effectively reduces tar and nicotine
· Comfortable, contoured mouthpiece
· Sealed with a replaceable "o" ring
· Long lasting high quality item
· Does not change flavour
· Easy to clean:
. when soiled, wipe with damp tissue.
. Periodically wash thoroughly.


We emphasize a major advantage of the Targard Permanent Cigarette Holder Filter System

Once you buy one there are no further expenses, no filters to replace.
Just wipe the trap and clean the inside of the mouthpiece, with alcohol or Pipe Spray, or wash them with soap and water, and run a pipe cleaner through.
If you wear out the O ring, it can easily and inexpensively be replaced.

Extra o-rings - 58-SunRing R2.90 each Buy Now

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(Metal system, 2 mouthpieces)
76-Tar R190.00 Buy Now

TarGard - Mini Filter

TarGard Disposable Filter Cigarette Holder


Disposable cigarette holder
New packing – 20 on a card

76-TarMini R69.90 Buy Now






Filter & Ejector Holders


For Parties

DeniTip Singles For Parties

Specially for slim cigarettes

(Easy to adapt for normal cigarettes)

Disposable with tar and nicotine reducing crystals.
Singles in assorted party colours

76-DNTIPCol1 R11.80 Buy Now


Telescopic Ejector Cigarette HolderEjector Cigarette Holder
Telescopic 150mm - 265mm
Gilt or Silvered metal - Enlarged view

76-J3122 R179.50 Buy Now


Gilt or silvered metal ~ Telescopic 210mm - 450mm

76-J450 R185.00 Buy Now

for up to date stock availability and prices


for up to date stock availability and prices


Refund Policy (Website customers - you’ll like this!)
Because we always guarantee our products – anything that isn’t completely to your satisfaction can be returned (in original condition and packaging) for a full refund

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