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Dunhill Multi Case
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Marca Duo Pipe with the optional Churchwarden or Standard mouthpiece Humidor set for 15 cigars 16 mm White Poker Dice in wood box; Poker and Lie Dice Rules Shaving Sets and Brushes
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Sale 40% off
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Zino Davidoff
From 13 December 2018 to 16 January 2019 we offer 25% off these 3 compact cigar humidors and Marca Pipes
Wrapping up 2018

This is our last “Across the Counter” blog for 2018.
As usual it is addressed to both our Pipe Smokers and Cigar Smokers - two pillars of strength to the overall Wesley’s business.

What did we have to say to the “pillars” during 2018 to bring more meaning and enjoyment to their hobby or pastime?

Pipe Smokers

We started the year off with a blog on “Creating a Tobacco Blend”.
This provided an insight to the background of the new Peterson, Dunhill and other big brands of pipe tobaccos.
Unfortunately the last of these available in South Africa were the Peterson tobaccos – sold to Scandinavian Tobacco Group in July 2018. The word is that they are unlikely to be available in South Africa for some time.
Fortunately we had also introduced four of these “Modern” blends into our range of Houseblends (No 43, 46, 47, 55), It is clearly the time to acquaint yourself with the results of our careful blending.  
And maybe to try one of our “Taster Packs” in the holidays – our Houseblends have definite price advantages over the equivalent imported brands. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Between February, March and April we looked at a change of taste via a Corncob, Clay or Meerschaum pipe, all still available.  And we considered the variety of pipe shapes and sizes available: the straight pipe, the Churchwarden, smaller pipes, the Vest Pocket pipe – all suitable for specific occasions and moods.

You were familiarised with the complications and problems of the big brand pipes – how to make the best use of the assorted ebauchons in a first grade bag of maybe 1000 blocks.
Savinelli, Stanwell - each has its own solutions.
Nording, Marca and Lorenzo also have solutions that result in keeping the prices relatively low while offering very good value and an enjoyable smoke.

In August we were able to put the Lorenzo “Filtro” pipes back on sale – all with new replacement mouthpieces. We offer a 15% discount to compensate for the very small misfit between the outer diameter of the shank and the replacement mouthpiece on many of the pipes.
They have been well accepted and have been trouble free.
Worth looking at as a take away holiday pipe.

Although they are nearly all sold out, there are still a few excellent buys left in the selection of refurbished pipes, available online or through any Wesley’s Shop.
Or you can look forward to our next selection in about April 2019.

To finish the year we will offer you the opportunity to replenish, or add to, your pipe collection one of the best value pipes around.

Marca from our chosen factory which offers excellent value through economies of scale.

To summarise the factory philosophy for pipe making:
“By having cost-efficient production runs, with 2 or 3 grades of finishes included, they can produce better value for money pipes than most other pipe manufacturers.”

Working together we have developed a spread of shapes to satisfy most pipe smokers:
The Marca Drya true system pipe in 3 models and 2 finishes, all have Teflon pegs with 6mm option, at half the price of the Peterson System for example.
The Marca Duoa beautiful long Churchwarden, ideal for watching television or reading, with an extra shorter mouthpiece if you need to take it away from home.
The Marca Snuga compact pocket pipe, the only small-bowled pipe which offers a Teflon peg with 6mm option; 2 shapes, 3 finishes.
The Marca Mignonan elegant 10 minute “mini churchwarden”; perfect for a short smoke, perfect for ladies; 3 shapes, 3 finishes.

We have been working with the factory that produces our Marca pipes since 2005, and in these 13 years we haven’t had a single faulty bowl. Not many brands can boast of this.

25% off the prices of  pipes

Marca Dry A true system pipe, 3 models, 2 finishes
Normally R655.70

Marca Duo Churchwarden with 2 mouthpiece options
Normally from R801.95

Marca Snug Compact pocket pipe with 6mm option
Normally from R595.15

Marca Mignon Elegant 10 minute pipe
Normally from R393.40

From 13 December 2018 to 16 January 2019

Cigar Smokers

We started off the year on a high note.
We were able to secure 9 of the Top 25 Cigar Aficionado cigars from 2017.

These were well appreciated and we shall try to repeat the exercise for 2018 winners in 2019.
Through the Internet and Cigar Insider we were able to find more and more facts and stories about the inside world of Cuban and other premium cigars.

In March we revealed the most plausible origin of the simple cigar band.
Well done Gustave Bock

We looked in a blog at the passion for farming of the Cuban refugees and the desire for harmony in the creation of great cigars. How, because farming in the USA was too expensive, those whose plantations had been confiscated opened up to tobacco growing more and more of the Caribbean, and other countries with similar climatic and soil conditions to Cuba – Nicaragua, Honduras, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Cameroon, Ecuador.
Eventually this led to the proliferation of cigar brands and flavours available on the US market, the largest supplier being the Nicaraguan companies. In 2018 Nicaragua has shipped 148 million cigars to the US, 45 percent of the 330 million shipped this year,
In November 2018, President Trump announced sanctions against certain officials of Nicaragua prohibiting them from conducting any business with USA. At the moment this should not affect sales of Nicaraguan cigars to the US.
And now the French Puro “Hedon” has arrived in South Africa – created with passion and care.

We wrote about the current sophistication of the cigar tobacco industry in Cuba and its control by the Cuban Tobacco Institute, with a list of Did you Knows

For new cigar smokers there was advice on selecting a cigar, cutting it, lighting it up and smoking it.
We followed this with some dos and don’ts in the practice and etiquette of cigar smoking.
I passed on a variety of tips I found when browsing, tips which could increase your cigar smoking pleasure.

You might like to browse too:
Tips; More Cigar Tips.

Something more you need to think about – every time you open your storage humidor you are disturbing the climate around your cigars.
Think about this: Keep a few cigars on hand, separate from the cigars ageing undisturbed in larger humidors.

We offer three desk humidors for around
10-15 cigars.

25% off these 3 compact cigar humidors:

73-J0155 Leather covered desk Humidor, Normally R958.30
73-J0061 Burl finish desk Humidor
with scissors, Normally R2115.00

73-J9182 Burl finish desk Humidor Set with Glass panel (includes ashtray) Normally, R2995.00

From 13 December 2018 to 16 January 2019

All the articles we have discussed, and more from previous years, are archived in the Library, by date and by subject.
A visit will allow you to choose from any of the more than 400 blogs to read or re-read at your leisure.
During the holidays - relax with your favourite pipe or cigar and enjoy life.

You deserve it.

Colin Wesley

No.443 December 6, 2018 – January 9, 2019

Many places where normal smoking is not allowed also restrict the use of e-cigs.

“Snus” is the answer

The question is - What is Snus?

Use SnusJakobssons Snus

By law, no South African citizen, living in South Africa can buy a tobacco product via the internet or postal system.  In fact, you may not receive a tobacco product through the post.
In addition we may not receive payment through the internet for tobacco products.
We may only supply tobacco products within the trade – not to private individuals. The fine is substantial
Contact us for help in getting tobacco to your area.

You can read previous articles from “Across the Counter” in The Library.

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(b) The prohibition contained in paragraph (a) does not apply to any commercial communication between a tobacco manufacturer or importer and its trade partners, business partners, employees and shareholders.

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