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Sherlock Holmes in “The Yellow Face” by A. Conan Doyle
From 23 November to 6 December less 25% on CG Pressurised Pipe Cleaner Spray AND / OR Nording Lava Keystone Bowl Filters
Enjoying your pipes
We look especially at Non-Filter pipes

The refurbished pipes are selling well, and there are more to come quite soon.
Watch out for them, there are some really good buys.

The feedback we get from buyers of these pipes is invariably complimentary but here is one that while being complimentary raised a question we hadn’t predicted, nor had been raised before.

I bought the refurbished Stanwell de Luxe Sandblast Shape 85(4) from you a while back. It’s a very nice pipe and smokes well but lately I have had a problem with it tasting really bad the closer I get to the bottom. Now I’ve cleaned it with the CGA Pressurised Pipe Cleaner Spray but it doesn’t seem to make a differences. Any ideas or advice you can give me will be appreciated.

Now why would it become bitter as it reached the bottom of the bowl?

The pipe in question was a 1960/70 Stanwell de Luxe.
This is an old Stanwell pipe with no “filter” system, as was the case with most pipes produced back in the 1970s.
So the pipe probably smokes much like a cigar.
As the tobacco in the bowl burns the natural filtration process goes into action, trapping tars, and causing moisture to develop and settle in the bottom of the bowl.
As you smoke closer towards the bottom a damp “dottle” will form and the taste will turn bitter and unpleasant.
At this stage, with a cigar, you say “thank you” and put it down to self-extinguish.
In the case of a non-filter pipe you may have to do something similar.

In addition, in the 1960/70s most pipe tobacco blends were made from pure, natural, tobaccos with no flavourings being added; the last bit, the dottle, may have been less bitter. In the more flavoured tobaccos of today moisture runs down the stem, and the dottle develops sooner, is bigger and correspondingly more bitter.

Pipe smokers are in general thoughtful, frugal people.
To put down a pipe with a soggy dottle because it tastes unpleasant is an expensive waste of tobacco.
Hence the development of “Bowl Filters”, or absorbent sponges as many are.
The most common of these were Philtpads, Drikule plugs and “Smokers Circles”.
The first two still exist and are often used today.
“Smokers Circles” were round pieces of an absorbent paper into which a bowl full of tobacco was wrapped, and sealed with a twisted “Pigtail”. The wrapped tobacco was dropped into the bowl, pigtail first, to form an absorbent cushion in the bottom of the bowl.

Now we have Keystone Lava Pellets and Denicotea granules added to the options of “Bowl Filters”, plus (for filter pipes) all the stem filters which collect the excessive moisture in the shank and mouthpiece from the modern, flavoured blends.
Today, many non-filter pipes have relatively small bowls, so the build-up of dottle is smaller, and there is less time for a bad taste to develop. The larger-bowl non-filter pipes from yesterday are what we’re considering.

In any case, should you have a “non-filter” pipe, and whether or not you use bowl filters, you should remove any remnants of unsmoked tobacco in the bottom of the bowl soon after finishing, and allow the bowl to dry out (bowl down in a pipe stand or pipe rack) before the next smoke.
In fact this applies to any pipe: If you’d like to keep it sweet-smoking - keep it clean and dry!

“Keeping your pipe clean and dry”

1. Bowl filters minimise the size of the damp dottle in the base of the bowl.
The Nording Keystone Pellets are 100% natural Volcanic Clay – very light, highly absorbent and neutral in taste; and very economical compared with other filters.
By removing the moisture from the smoke, they will provide a drier, cooler experience. They may be discarded at the finish, leaving a clean, relatively dry, empty bowl with no wasteful tobacco dottle – saving you money.
Drop a few into the bowl before filling. You should be able to smoke right to the bottom without the bad taste, and without wasting any tobacco.
They can be used in any pipe, whether with a filter or with an adapter, or with a metal arrestor – worth a try.
Available in a handy refillable tin (approximately 10g), or economical 100g pack.

2. The shank of your pipe also helps cleanse the smoke by condensing much of the tars.  
Keep the shank clean with regular scrubbing, using a bristle cleaner and a burst of CG Pipe Spray.

To support these two decisions:

From 23 November to 6 December, 2017 we offer you less 25% on
CG Pressurised Pipe Cleaner Spray R36.38 (Normal Price R48.50)
Nording Lava Keystone Bowl Filters
100g pouch for R168.75 (Normal Price R225.00)
Small tin, about 10g, R30.00 (Normal Price R40.00)

The cleaner and drier you keep your pipe, the sweeter the smoke.

Don’t hesitate - with the rising costs of the cartridge type “stem filter” the Lava Keystones will be well worth trying. Take this opportunity to buy the Keystones and the CG Pipe Cleaner Spray now.

Colin Wesley

PS Savinelli Dry System and Marca Dry have a sump incorporated into the shank, which also helps to keep the pipe clean and dry!

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