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“There is no composing draught like the draught through the tube of a pipe.”

Captain Frederick Marryatt  1792-1848
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An apology

Colin Wesley - always ready to chat .... across the counter!

The alternative pipe.

To borrow Zino Davidoff’s claim that “the greatest cigar to smoke is the one you are currently smoking” and applying it to Pipe smoking:  the best pipe to smoke is the one you are smoking.

In both cases this may not be quite correct.
There is the chance that something may develop which could spoil the experience. - Potholes I call them in several blogs.
- Pipesmoking Potholes: 319,321,332

Potholes, or no potholes, there is one major difference between smoking a Cigar and a Pipe.
Smoking a cigar is a one-off event. When it is finished it is finished. 
When the pipe full is finished it is only the tobacco that is finished.
There is still the pipe which could be looked after and cherished for more smokes in the future.

If we look at a short history of Pipe making we can see a new set of potholes for the pipe smokers.

  • Ceramic, Clay and Meerschaum may smoke well, but they are accident prone.
  • Metal or silver pipes were sturdy, but heavy and very quickly became too hot to handle.
  • Wood with the characteristics of being light and porous, but sturdy and comfortably warm in the hand, looked like a good prospect. But most soft wood tended to char on the inside of the bowl, spoiling the taste of the burning tobaccos.
  • Cherrywood was popular because the char actually released a sweet taste, but it wouldn’t carbonise which would offer some protection from burning out; also the soft texture of the wood did not make it possible for a machine to deliver an acceptable, sophisticated, polished finish. Cherrywood pipes always looked rather rough and ready.
  • Much the same could be said with Beech, Olive, Maple and even Oak woods.

The situation was at a stalemate until, by coincidence, a French pipe maker on a pilgrimage to Napoleon’s birthplace in Corsica, broke/lost his meerschaum pipe.
For a modest fee a peasant carved for him a replacement out of the root of Bruyere, a local heath tree.
This was so successful that for a further small fee the peasant parted with another block of the same wood.
It found its way to a wooden pipe stem factory in St.Claude, nestled in the forests of the Jura mountains.
This was the birth of the Briar pipe which dominates the pipe making industry today.

That is not to say that there is no room, or need, for pipes of lesser woods.
One must not let “perfect” prevent one from enjoying the “alternative”.

  • The humble Corncob is a good choice for a beginner’s first pipe, or as the pipe to be taken away for a weekend in the bush.
  • A Cherrywood or a Clay can add a little variety for the taste buds, without changing from a favourite tobacco blend.

A bonus to note with these alternative pipes is that because they often come at a modest cost, it is worth buying the best of its kind to enjoy the fruits.

Now we have a new alternative wood for you to try/test – a pipe from the wood of the Jujube tree (Ziziphus jujuba Mill).
A pipe from the wood of the Jujube treeThe pipe is made in Southern China where the Jujube tree is part of the local habitat.
It is stamped “Mr Pipe” and offers a 9mm filter option.
We supply the pipe fitted with a 9mm adapter and 3 x 9mm filters.
It also comes boxed, and includes a soft drawstring bag and a portable folding pipe rest.
The dark colour makes it difficult to see much of the grain but from the weight and the smooth finish we can assume that the wood is indeed very hard.
This is not a pretentious pipe, however at R350.00 it could be good to have around for an emergency or as an appropriate pipe for a grubby hands smoke.
Our “Test Pilot” says that his pipe smoked sweet from the start.

Better still:

From October 22 – November 11, 2020
25% off Jujube Mr Pipe

The Jujube Mr Pipe has its place in a collection:

  • Trips away
  • The workshop or gardening
  • Sailing, hunting, hiking.

Colin Wesley

No.481 October 15-November 4, 2020

You can read previous articles from “Across the Counter” in The Archives Library.

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Savinelli “Otello” pipes

Otello Natural Smooth – Normal price R2800.00, our special price R2100.00
Otello Rusticated Black – Normal price R2400.00, our special price R1800.00

Savinelli writes about the aim of the series:

We chose a famous and strong character for this pipe with a stem specifically drawn: a single piece, with a ring high on the shank that hovers as a swift tail toward the bit. A little silver color ring separates the stem to the pipe, giving it the importance it deserves

Savinelli Smoking Pipe Otello Natural Smooth


Shape 315

Model 315 KS is a semi-bent model known as Prince. It has slender and elegant lines with a rounded bowl shape. A pipe with the a refined style.


Savinelli Smoking Pipe Otello Natural Smooth


Shape 645

Model 645 KS has an inner spacious burning chamber.
The conic bowl with a rounded shape gives the pipe a very elegant aspect.


Savinelli Smoking Pipe Otello Natural Smooth


Savinelli Smoking Pipe – Otello RusticShape 321

Model 321 is an Author with regular dimension, small version of model 320 KS, half-bent. Its rounded shapes and the absence of edges make the hold extremely pleasant.



Savinelli Smoking Pipe – Otello Rustic

Shape 121

Model 121 KS is a semi-bent Pot style pipe. One of the most classical style which comes from the well-known Billiard ones. The flattened and cylindrical bowl boasts a low burning chamber with good capacity. This model ends with an elegant saddle stem which perfectly welcomes the light bend.

Savinelli Smoking Pipe – Otello Rustic


Shape 614

Model 614 belongs to the classic Billiard style. As you can see, it is surely the model with the most pronounced bend. The bend is so sharp which requires different more passages during the finishing. An extraordinarily elegant model not advised to less expert smokers.



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