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  Alfred Dunhill Ltd
The White Spot

Cigarette Holders
Lighter Cases

Cigarette Accessories  

Crystal Filter Cigarette Holders

The Holders:
Made in Britain
Very slender – the filters are 6mm diameter;
Length of holder 96mm;
Finely engineered with metal thread;
Supplied with 11 Double Action Filters
Dunhill Crystal Filter Slim Ejector Cigarette Holders
76-DHCH4103 R1390.00
Slim Dunhill holder, Silvium top with engine-turned lines, Black mouthpiece
76-DHCH4301 R922.50
Slim Dunhill Holder, Black metal top with engine-turned rings, Black mouthpiece
76-DHCH4201 R1250.00
Slim Dunhill Holder, Goldium top with engine-turned rings, Black mouthpiece

Spare Mouthpieces:

Dunhill Slim Taper Cigarette Holder Mouthpiece

Slim Saddle Mouthpiece

76-DHHA1201 R330.00

Slim Taper Mouthpiece


76-DHHA1301 R330.00 Buy Now
Slim Saddle Mouthpiece


The Double Action Crystal filters:
These are made in Germany and designed to use both an impaction system (through the blue cap) followed by filtration through porous silica gel crystals further cleaning the smoke. The advantage of these two systems within a single filter is a significant increase in overall effectiveness; apparent as the white crystals change to dark brown – at which stage the filter should be replaced.

Packet of 10 Dunhill Double Action Blue Cap 6mm Crystal Filters
58-DHHA2106 R96.50 Buy Now

See also Denicotea 6mm filters which can be used as a substitue

Lighter Accessories

Lighter Cases
To protect the finish of your Dunhill Rollagas lighter
To protect against damage through accidental dropping

55-DHLA9130 R1350.00 Buy Now
“Sidecar” Lighter Case with magnetic closure; The new finish - “bitter-chocolate” brown, almost black, with a subtle grain and elegant plated logo.
Made in Germany
Dunhill WhiteSpot  Lighter Cases
55-DHLA9128 R1200.00
“White Spot” Lighter Case with magnetic closure; Rich grain black leather made in Spain; Velveteen lining

Dunhill Gas

Dunhill Flints

Dunhill Gas

60-DHLA2103 R149.50 Buy Now

Highly refined, pure butane for use in Dunhill and other quality lighters.
The purity of Dunhill gas ensures that valves are less likely to clog and malfunction, and the anti-corrosive properties protect all metal parts, thus considerably extending the life of your lighter.
Includes a special nozzle for Rollagas lighters.

Turbo compatible – turbo mechanisms require extra-purified gas.


100% Ferro Cerium flints, made in England
Smooth action; Optimum spark with less wear on the flint wheel and less residual dust

Dunhill Lighter Flints

58-DHLA1101 R55.00
Blue Flints: Standard size flints fit all Dunhill lighters
(except Rollagas) as well as most other manufacturers
Packet of 9

58-DHLA1201 R55.00 Buy Now
Red Flints: Large size (thick) flints fit Dunhill Rollagas lighters only.
Packet of 9



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