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Since 1886 ROSSI has been a household name in Italian pipes – but sadly off the market for a while.
Since Signor Rossi and Signor Achille Savinelli were competitive friends, it is not surprising that the brand is now being revived under the supervision of Savinelli.

The first range features pipes with a Twinbore mouthpiece –
something that has also been missing from the pipe world for some time.

54-RosTB R899.95 Out of stock at present

This ingenious style spreads the smoke more widely in the mouth, accelerating and accentuating the sense of taste while reducing the direct impact on the tongue. Ideal for most of the modern blends of pipe tobaccos with their subtle flavours.
But that’s not all!
Between the two exit holes (at the bite point) the mouthpiece is solid making it exceptionally bite resistant – one weak point eliminated from the hazards of pipesmoking.
And there is still more!
At the other end of the mouthpiece, the peg is a Teflon insert which is virtually unsnappable and can hold a 6mm balsa filter.
The result of the combination of these features is that you have a pipe that will ensure a cool dry smoke, with a pretty-well biteproof, unbreakable mouthpiece.

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Shapes 12 & 11    (Two of six available shapes )

The stunning finish is a bonus – rich, polished sepia-brown, with fine-grained hard briar.

A most important word of warning about filter pipes:
Filter pipes must be smoked with either the filter or an adapter (usually supplied with the pipe).

Smoking without the filter (or adapter), even once, will allow moisture to condense in the empty space and seep into the shank, causing it to swell. This will result in a cracked shank, or a loose mouthpiece which is very difficult to remedy. If this happens to you, take it in to your nearest Wesley’s for an opinion.
The Tenon/Peg is tougher than the wood!
Keep it clean so it won’t stick. Wipe and pencil it occasionally so it slides easily. Have a look at the Gallery

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Because we always guarantee our products – anything that isn’t completely to your satisfaction can be returned (in original condition and packaging) for a full refund.

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