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The completely unrestricted alternative to smoking.

How does it work?
Just the absorption of Nicotine through the mucous membrane in the mouth, to give either an energy kick or a relaxing experience.
No puffing, inhaling, chewing or spitting!

Where is Snus made?
Mainly in Sweden (for over 200 years), more recently made in Denmark.

What is Snus made from?
Finely ground, air dried tobacco, mixed with water, salt, sodium carbonate and flavourings.

How is Snus made?
Snus is an oral tobacco product made under the regulations of the food acts in both Sweden and Denmark.
The low temperature pasteurisation process keeps low the tobacco specific nitrosamines, which are potentially carcinogenic.
Scandinavian Snus is also different from the US Snus which is fire-cured, and from “chewing” or “dipping” tobacco – no chewing or spitting.Thunder Slim Snus sachet
Snus sachets
How is Snus sold?

The finished product (portion) is like a small tea bag, Regular or Slim size.

How is Snus used?
Position the portion under the top lip, against the gum.The portion, or sachet, of Snus is placed under the upper lip

"Watchpoint"  - try not to lick or suck the portion.
This will accelerate the release of the Nicotine
The Original wet brown portions kick in more quickly than the White Dry portions.

Remove the portion after 15/20 minutes, or when you have had enough.
Store it in the designated, covered space in the lid of the can. It may be re-used.
The satisfying effect of the Nicotine intake should last for hours, depending on the individual uptake, at least up to the effect of several cigarettes.
It is quite possible to have a drink while the Snus is in place.

Is it dangerous to use Snus?
There has never been a proven case of mouth cancer caused from using Snus.
While Snus can become addictive, it is still considered to be 99% less harmful than smoking (W.H.O).
Do you know that nicotine is an alkaloid found in the nightshade family of plants (Solanaceae)? Predominantly in tobacco, and in lower quantities in tomato, potato, eggplant (aubergine), and green pepper.

When and where, can Snus be used?
Simply put, whenever and wherever you feel like it.
Choose snus when you feel like having a cigarette.
Snus can be used so discreetly that no one need notice that it is being used.

  • In the car – stay calm and relaxed – keep the car fresh;
  • Traveling by plane, train or bus;
  • In a meeting, playing bridge, on a game drive, sitting anywhere in a restaurant;
  • Before, during or after a sporting activity – experience an energy boost, stay focused; or relax after the game.
There are plenty of indicators that the switch from cigarettes to Snus in Sweden has resulted in substantial health benefits. Sweden now has the lowest rate of tobacco-related diseases in Europe.
While using Snus is still highly addictive, it is widely held to be between 95% and 99% less harmful than smoking.

Read Lancet’s article.

Read more:
BMJ - Effect of Snus in Sweden
The Guardian
Royal College of Physicians
EU ban on Snus

Scandinavian Snus is also different from the US Snus which is fire-cured, and from “chewing” or “dipping” tobacco – no chewing or spitting.
We offer Jakobssons and V2 Tobacco:

 Jakobssons from Sweden
Wintergreen Melon
Jakobssons Snus from Sweden	Wintergreen Jakobssons Snus from Sweden  Melon

V2 Tobacco from Denmark
Thunder Thunder Slim White DRY Cool Mint Offroad 
V2 Snus – from Denmark Thunder Thunder Slim White DRY Cool Mint V2 Snus – from Denmark Offroad

Using Snus
The portion, or sachet, of Snus is placed under the upper lipThe sachet, (portion or mini), of Snus
is placed under the upper lip, and that’s it.
For you – no inhaling, no chewing, no spitting.
For those around you – no smoke.

Watchpoint: Try not to lick or worse, suck the pouch.
Snus sachets
The nicotine is absorbed through the mucous membrane of the mouth and kicks in almost immediately. For some people this generates a tingling sensation.
Because of this natural absorption process, Snus is sometimes referred to as “Nature’s own nicotine gum”.
When you have finished (or even halfway) the sachet can be placed in the special, sealable cavity in the lid of the can.
Snus portions (or minis) are ideal for those times when smoking is not allowed – having morning tea with a friend, to go with your after dinner coffee, or in fact with any drink that goes with the flavour of the Snus you are using.
Going on a long trip (car, flying, motorbike??) - take Snus with you and relax.
Going to your favourite Restaurant - take Snus with you and sit anywhere.
It’s raining in the outside smoking area – keep warm and dry inside with Snus.
A game drive, a walk in the mountains, a round of golf, a game of soccer, the movies, the list goes on.

Watchpoint: Although we are told that Snus need not be refrigerated, beware of the effect on moist tobacco of heat such as lights or our hot summers – keep it cool!!

The History:
Snuff dates way back to Columbus’s second voyage to the Americas, when a monk in the party noticed the local priests inhaling tobacco powder through a reed. The idea of snuff was introduced to Europe in the 16th Century and became popular with the French Court after Jean Nicot suggested it to the French Queen Catherine de Medici as a migraine remedy – and it worked.
The use of nasal snuff became fashionable in all the courts of Europe.
In Sweden in the 1700s tobacco was grown in order to make snuff. Farmers ground snuff for their personal use.

The French Revolution put an end in fashionable Europe to the use of nasal snuff, which was largely replaced by cigars, but mainly replaced in Sweden by a pinch of moist snuff (snus) placed under the upper lip.
This use of snus became so popular amongst the Swedes that factories were developed to ensure sufficient production.
In the early 1900s the Swedish Government introduced a pension scheme, and needed money to fund it. They also needed money for the Defence Force as WWI started. In 1915 they nationalised the previously private tobacco industry.
The tobacco monopoly lasted until the 1960s when American cigarettes became popular amongst the upper classes; snus was relegated to the rural and lower income population, and demand slumped. The production of snus was almost discontinued.

Then the restrictions on cigarette smoking started to come into force and in Sweden snus again became the accepted way to use tobacco, spurred on by the introduction of Snus portion packs in the 1970s. Instead of having to pinch together loose snus to form a shape suitable to slip under the top lip, one could just open a can, take out a portion (like a tiny tea bag) and discreetly pop it into place.

V2 Tobacco – Snus from Denmark

A genuine interest in Snus was the driving force that led brothers Marc and Patrick Vogel to launch V2 Tobacco in 2006. Production began on a small scale but, as demand for their products grew, the brothers soon realised that they were out-growing the factory.
Today V2 Tobacco is producing snus out of the most modern factories in Scandinavia.
They say that their concept is simple:
To manufacture portion snus and loose snus of the highest quality at the lowest possible price.
Their snus is characterised by a well-formed basic flavour where the tobacco's full body and bite combine in sweet harmony, and high quality achieved through small-batch production.
They consider snus to be a convenient and sophisticated product filled with flavours and aromas provided by fragrant ingredients and naturally fresh spices.
Each can has a special, sealable cavity in the lid – for finished, or half-used, portions.
V2 Tobacco knows what really good snus should taste like.

Offroad - A classic medium-strength traditional flavour Snus blend – exciting taste sensation

V2 Snus – from Denmark Offroad V2 Snus – from Denmark Offroad V2 Snus – from Denmark Offroad


Nicotine: 8 mg per gram    Packing: 20 x 0.9g portions R70.00

Smokeless Aficionado comments on Off Road

Earthy, peaty tobacco and citrus are the predominant flavors in this original type portion snus. Offroad Original portion's flavor is noticeable as soon as you place the portion in your lip and lasts for over an hour and a half due to the moisture level in this snus. If you're looking for a portion snus with an up front, traditional flavor then Offroad Original portion is the snus for you. We feel that this snus is a great original portion for not only the long time snus user but, the new snus user as well due to it's traditional flavors and moderate Nicotine hit.”

The Offroad Snus we import from V2 Tobacco is moist, which means that you taste the flavour and experience the nicotine almost immediately.
“White” portions are drier, and it takes more time for the flavour and nicotine to reach you.

Thunder Slim White DRY Cool Mint

Thunder Slim White DRY Cool Mint
New, very comfortable, slim pouch with less water and more tobacco for a longer, stronger Snus experience.

Thunder Slim Snus sachet

Thunder Slim White DRY Cool Mint

These longer, thinner portions sit more comfortably in the lip, and being a bit thinner makes the portion more discreet.
White Dry portions of snus are characterised by being slow to start. The full flavour and strong nicotine kick comes around the 15 minute time as the pouch moistens.

Smokeless Aficionado
Moisture level is moderate with a portion material that's soft and comfortable in the lip for extended periods of time.
Besides being more comfortable in the mouth the slim pouch allows better absorption to enhance the strong nicotine kick common to Thunder Snus products.
The Slim White Dry portions contain less water and more tobacco per pouch, and are therefore stronger than a standard size portion.

Flavour: Pure strong Peppermint – quite different from Spearmint or Wintergreen.

Nicotine: 16mg/g        Packing: 22 x 0.7g slim portions R60.00

Helpful hint - if the contents of the pouch are concentrated at one end roll the pouch in your fingers to spread it evenly.

Thunder X Slim White Dry – Full strength, full flavour Snus

V2 Snus – from Denmark Thunder
Type Slim - extra strong
Moisture: Low
Flavour: Mellow Mint/Menthol and tobacco
Nicotine: High, 45 mg/g;
31.5 mg/slim portion

Thunder X Snus Slim White Dry is one of Scandinavia’s strongest snus brands when it comes to nicotine content per gram: twice as strong as conventional snus.

This is accomplished naturally by using a larger percentage of tobacco leaves in each gram of Thunder X Snus.
This costs more, but results in a hearty, great-tasting snus loaded with natural nicotine.

No pharmaceutical nicotine or other undesirable additives are ever used in Thunder X Snus

Nicotine: 45 mg per gram    Packing: 22 x 0.7g portions R66.00

Some comments:
“The intense mint/menthol flavor and the strength will definitely move your mind. As it says on the can: Extreme Power for the very experienced user!”
“The refreshing mint/menthol will definitley perk you up! In slim white dry portions for a low drip, long lasting taste and a slim fit under the lip!”

The full mint/menthol flavor tingles under your lip quite quickly, but is nevertheless very mellow and balances well with the strong nicotine.

The slim pouch is made of a soft material. It can be kept in the mouth longer, and since it is dry, it does not drip

Helpful hint - if the contents of the pouch are concentrated at one end roll the pouch in your fingers to spread it evenly.

General consensus from Snus websites:
The new slim design, combined with the gentle absorption before the big nicotine kick, gives a full, satisfying Snus experience
It is typical Thunder – slim but strong.


V2 Tobacco – manufacture,  ex V2 Tobacco website:

V2 Tobacco’s quality standard starts from Swedish quality requirements to snus.
V2 Tobacco has been working intensely with optimizing and sophisticating the production process and has on the basis of that specified a standard which applies to the snus products produced at V2 Tobacco’s factory in Silkeborg, Denmark.
All products are tested by independent laboratory for nicotine, TSNA and bacteria.

It can be said that moisture and taste is used to measure the durability of snus. Moisture is important for the snus to be experienced as fresh. Therefore, it is always recommended that the products are kept refrigerated as much as possible and that they are not exposed to heat. Heat changes the moisture and aromas of the snus.
The durability of the products is significantly better in unopened package. The snus should therefore be used before the printed “best before” date on the packaging, which guarantees the freshness.
If one wishes to keep snus for a longer period of time the best repository is the freezer. Here snus can keep the same moisture and taste for at least a year.

Snus is produced of air-dried tobaccos mainly from Asia.
All other ingredients that are a part of the production of snus are approved for foodstuff production.
Besides water and tobacco, which are the main ingredients in snus, salt is added as a flavour enhancer and sodium carbonate weakly basifies the snus and gives it its character.
Furthermore, to snus is added moisture-retaining substances (polypropyleneglycol and glycerol) which have the effect that the snus stays moist longer, especially after the packaging is opened.
The snus gets its taste by adding a number of flavoring agents, which are natural ingredients either in powderform, a solution of spirits or fruit oils. The flavouring agents used in snus are of very different character and are combined so balance occurs between scent and taste.

Jakobssons Snus – from Sweden

We are pleased to say we have developed an association with the Swedish Jakobssons family who have been making Snus, off and on, for over 200 years. Henrik Jakobsson is the fourth generation in the business.

The producing company is Gotlandssnus AB situated on the island of Gotland, off the Baltic Sea coast of Sweden about halfway between Sweden and Latvia. Visby, a World Heritage, former Viking, site is the only town, but there are several large, and many small, villages.

Because it is regulated by the Swedish Food Act, the production is subject to extremely high standards. Thanks to a long working relationship with a leading researcher, and an expert in the production of Snus, Jakobssons Snus has a particularly low level of TSNAs. 
Gotland Snus has its own laboratory and development centre, and because of its relatively small size is very flexible and able to follow the latest trends and tastes in Snus production.
Read this delightful article from SnusCentral.org

The packing is in plastic cans with 20 x 1g portions. R85.75

Every Jakobsson’s can has a special, sealable cavity in the lid – for finished, or half-used, portions.

Jakobssons Snus from Sweden  Melon
Smokeless Aficionado
Jakobsson's Strong Melon portion snus
A uniquely flavored portion snus with the taste of sweet Watermelon. Flavors of Watermelon, Canteloupe and Honeydew melon can be found in the front with the slight taste of herbal tobacco and a hint of salt rounding out the background flavors. A great snus for those looking for something on the sweeter side.
Nicotine: 14 mg per portion    Amount: 20 portions R85.75   Type: Original portion    Availability: Worldwide



Jakobssons Snus from Sweden	Wintergreen
Northener Blog
Jakobsson's Strong Wintergreen portion snus
Manufactured by Gotlandssnus AB, Jakobsson’s Wintergreen portion snus is, quite possibly, one of the most uniquely flavored, and sweetest Wintergreen snus on the market today. Wintergreen is not a typical flavor for Swedish snus, however Jakobsson’s Wintergreen is classed as an Original type portion which gives you much more flavor in the beginning than dry type portions will, and is soft and comfortable in the lip for over two hours. It is moderately strong as well!
Nicotine: 14 mg per portion    Amount: 20 portions   R85.75  Type: Original portion    Availability: Worldwide


Refund Policy (Website customers - you’ll like this!)
Because we always guarantee our products – anything that isn’t completely to your satisfaction can be returned (in original condition and packaging) for a full refund.

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