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Cigar for a new smoker

Always on the lookout for a subject for one of my blogs, this heading on an email caught my eye “how to choose your first cigar.”

Written by an American author, valid points were made about looking for a cigar that was described as mild, or mellow. Being an American he mentioned the original Macanudo “Café” range. This was the biggest selling brand in America in the mid 1900’s, way before the boom of the 1990’s which introduced the more flavourful range of cigars we all enjoy now. The brand Macanudo still exists but the “Café” blend is only a small component.
Amongst modern blends he suggested looking for Connecticut wrapper which, being beautifully smooth and mild is often found covering mellow blends.

On the whole the article was interesting, although he closed with several suggestions none of which is available in South Africa. Of course there was no mention of Cuban cigars at all.
This didn’t surprise me, but some of the sizes he suggested for a first cigar did.
The first suggestion was a Grand Corona 6 inches x 47 ringsize …… a bit much for a first cigar!

So what would we suggest for a first cigar?
My thoughts are that the person in question for this cigar should establish whether he is going to enjoy the taste of burning pure, natural tobacco as found in a premium cigar.
(I exclude any flavoured tobacco products which, although they are popular, have no real place in the world of premium cigars.)

We want this first experience to be as easy and trouble free as possible, so let’s start with some short cigars from different areas – only 20 to 30 minutes smoking time each.
My suggestion is our “Short Selection” (R136.50).
Three smallish cigars, one from Cuba and two from Europe, all 100% pure tobacco, cut, ready to be smoked.

As in all Wesley’s Selections this has a leaflet describing the cigars and what to expect.
It helps to download a Tasting Score Sheet to keep track of likes and dislikes.

From this starting point, he should consider whether he is looking for a lighter cigar or a more full-bodied Cuban cigar. Our current range of selections leans towards the Robusto size (124mm x Ring 50). Its comfortable draw has made it still the most popular size in many countries.

Our Wrapper Selection (R495.00) contains the relatively light Black Lion cigars from the Dominican Republic. The three cigars in the Selection have identical filler/binder blends, but are wrapped with leaf from three different seeds – Connecticut (light, smooth, creamy); Corojo (hearty, Cuban seed now planted in South America); Cameroon (rich and savoury).
The new cigar smoker can also consider the Robusto Varies Selection (R490.00) – Belmore Connecticut (smooth light premium cigar); Black Lion Maduro (introducing the taste of a matured Maduro leaf); Quintero Favoritos (classic Cuban taste).

Finally he or she can experience the variety available in Cuban cigars, both in size and quality:
Value Cuban Selection (R340.00) – mostly thinner cigars from different areas of Cuba.
Cuban Robusto Selection (R801.90) – top quality, full-bodied Cuban cigars in the popular Robusto thickness – two full Robustos and a Petit Robusto.

Now that he has established roughly his likes /dislikes he can experiment more knowledgably with the singles and packs of cigars in our Humidor.

We introduced our Selections many years ago specifically for the purpose of encouraging our customers to compare different sizes or brands of cigars as economically as possible.
The Selections are not cast in stone so it is a good idea to keep a periodic lookout for new, sometimes limited, Selections to broaden your enjoyment of your hobby in the wonderful world of Premium cigars.
Who knows what the year 2020 will offer us to share with you.

For general information on enjoying your hobby read Cigars – Smoking for Pleasure – written over the years it contains history as well as current information.
It includes the fact that an important facet of enjoying your cigar is a good clean cut, as well as lighting in the best way.

First step: Cutting
The head of most handmade cigars is sealed to maintain freshness, and must be opened up sufficiently to allow the smoke to be drawn through comfortably for you (very subjective).

To reward you for starting correctly, we offer

15% off Dunhill Cigar Cutters
25% off all other Cigar Cutters
From January 16-29, 2020
Normal prices from R65.00 to R3990.00

A good cigar is the world’s most affordable luxury.

Colin Wesley

No.469 January 9 - 22, 2020

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Many places where normal smoking is not allowed also restrict the use of e-cigs.

“Snus” is the answer

The question is - What is Snus?

Use SnusJakobssons Snus

By law, no South African citizen, living in South Africa can buy a tobacco product via the internet or postal system.  In fact, you may not receive a tobacco product through the post.
In addition we may not receive payment through the internet for tobacco products.
We may only supply tobacco products within the trade – not to private individuals. The fine is substantial
Contact us for help in getting tobacco to your area.

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