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Link to Turbo Lighters with Cigar cutting features

Turbo mechanisms require extra-purified gas
Dunhill gas is highly refined, pure, turbo-compatible butane gas.button
This ensures that valves are less likely to clog and malfunction,
and the anti-corrosive properties protect all metal parts,
thus considerably extending the life of all lighters.


Eurojet Single-jet Turbo Lighters

Great for lighting cigars. but ...

Not 4  pipes
(See lighters that are ideal for pipes)


Zenga Single-Jet Pocket Torch Lighter

Zenga Single-Jet Pocket Torch Lighter

Matchbox designs

Camping ● Fishing
Hunting ● Adventure

55-EJPct025 R103.50 Click to begin the purchase process

Zenga Single-Jet Pocket Torch Lighter













Eurojet Single-jet Turbo Lighter

Eurojet Single-jet Turbo Lighter




Ergonomic design, Satin Chrome
Design makes it less likely to slip or drop when lighting
Dunhill Gas is best for Turbo lighters
12 month guarantee

55-EJ059 Awaiting Arrival



Eurojet Single-jet Turbo Lighter with flame



Eurojet Single-jet Turbo LighterEurojet Single-jet Turbo Lighter


Neat oval shape, Satin Chrome
55-EJ055 Awaiting Arrival


Oval shape, Gunmetal finish
55-EJ056 Awaiting Arrival





Turbo Gas Cigar lighters

12 month guarantee

Xikar Turbo Gas Cigar lighter




55-Xi001 R759.00 Click to begin the purchase process



55-Xi003 Awaiting Arrival




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Because we always guarantee our products – anything that isn’t completely to your satisfaction can be returned (in original condition and packaging) for a full refund.

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