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Technical perfection
The best-designed pipe
on the market.
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Savinelli Classics


Launched in 1981, it had taken several years of research into the negative points of existing system pipes, in order to improve on them. Perseverance paid off - by combining trap and filter, and enlarging the smoke hole, Savinelli achieved the "Dry System", which in our opinion is the best answer to "Wet Smoking" so far developed.
Especially for new pipesmokers, the Savinelli Dry System pipe incorporates everything needed to provide a cool, dry smoke.
The name "Dry" comes from the introduction of the Balsa "filter" into the traditional system pipe - the "System" being the presence of the built-in moisture trap in the shank, linked with the "smokehole on the top" mouthpiece. The balsa mops up the moisture in the smoke hence the term "Dry" system, and if the pipe is smoked without the balsa all that will happen is that this moisture will condense and collect in the trap. It can then either be mopped up with a folded pipecleaner, or flicked out.
Just be careful where you flick it!
Put this all together and you can see why we say these are technically our best designed pipes. But the technical qualities are not all these pipes have to offer. Extra bonuses are the feel, the finishes and the balance.

Well balanced making the pipe light in the mouth

The benefits:

Savinelli Dry Cross Section1. The large smokehole on the top of the mouthpiece allows the smoke to leave in an even spread, and not directly onto the tongue; its size makes it easy to . clean and spreads the flavour in the mouth. Its position makes it difficult for juices to enter the stem from the mouth.
2. The Bent stem ensures that the pipe is very light on the teeth;
3. The use of the optional balsa insert mops up any excess moisture without changing the taste;
4. The firm-fitting peg mouthpiece won't twist off in the pocket;
5. The metal band prevents the shank from swelling and cracking if there is too much moisture in the trap, (for example, if the balsa is not used);
6. It has a built-in moisture trap.
. .

The result: A cool, dry smoke, enhancing the flavour of the tobacco
. . . . . . . . . . - the "dry system" eliminates the problem of "wet smoking".



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The grain of these superior quality pipes is best appreciated in the smooth polished chestnut finish.
Only the smallest surface flaws are tolerated.

Kingsize shape 2614KS (illustrated left)
54-SavPremKS R2225.00 Buy Now

Regular size shape 3613
54-SavPremReg R1995.00 Buy Now

Shapes & sizes or look at the shape chart



A quality specially produced for South Africa in three finishes.

Colours may vary from those pictured



Savinelli Dry System pipes: autumn-gold Chiara finish
Smooth, autumn-gold finish with minimum staining and buffing.
Revealing, not concealing - and it’s good!

54-SavChEx (1616ChX) R1755.00 Buy Now
54-SavChKS (2622ChK, 2614ChK) R1575.00 Buy Now
54-SavChReg (3613Ch) R1395.00 Buy Now


Illustrated Shape 2614ChK


Lightweight rugged finish that won't show dirt, or cuts and abrasions.

54-SavStdEx (1641ZX) R1755.00 Buy Now
54-SavStdKS (2614ZK) R1575.00 Buy Now
54-SavStdReg (3613Z) R1395.00 Buy Now


Savinelli Dry System pipe


Silky smooth in the hand, pleasing on the eye

Hard-wearing, and with a soft glow

54-SavMattEx (1616 satin, 1616 matt, 1641 satin, 1641 matt) R1755.00 Buy Now
54-SavMattKS (2614 satin, 2614 matt, 2622 satin) R1575.00 Buy Now

54-SavMattReg (3613 satin, 3613 matt) R1395.00 Buy Now


Have you selected your shape?

Watchpoint: Smoking the pipe too fast will make the bowl
very hot and may affect the surface.
In that case, return it to us for re-polishing


Savinelli Dry Shape ChartThe largest shapes are 1616 &1641, truly giant pipes for a long smoke - Extraordinaire!
For a good classic, sit-back-and-relax smoke,
one of the two Kingsize shapes may be best. Regular shapes 3613 & 3621 are ideal for the new pipesmoker or for a short smoke for anybody.

Not all the shapes are available in all finishes
Colours may vary from those pictured

Spare Mouthpiece
54-SavMpSys R335.00 Buy Now

(Select Shape - see chart)


Savinelli Dry System shapes in “Stand-alone” format are unavailable at present

Are you a new Pipesmoker?
Check your choice. Read "The Complete Pipesmoker" - all you need to know "In a Nutshell".

Refund Policy (Website customers - you’ll like this!)
Because we always guarantee our products – anything that isn’t completely to your satisfaction can be returned (in original condition and packaging) for a full refund.

ALL IMAGES AND CONTENT © Colin Wesley 2020

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